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19 Rack Side Knockout
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Easy Field Installations & Upgrades

Our weld-free, preconfigured kits including precut RU panels allow rapid, easy field installation and component configuration.

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Ultimate Control-Surface Density

Our deep library of preconfigured RU rack panels provides maximum switchgear density with logical layouts. Enjoy efficient long-term use of even the most complex control systems.

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Industry-Best Wire Management

Our wire management designs provide logical, easy-to-follow setup -- and ensure safer long-term operation. When it's time to test a component or reconfigure, our system provides substantial time savings.

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Seismic Relay Racks Designed
For Ultimate Ease of Troubleshooting

Standard Seismic Racking

19" wide modular aluminum system, seismically tested by PG&E. Available in custom widths and in 11ga steel upon request. Simplex or duplex configurations, infinitely extendable in the field with hand tools.

Retrofit Racking

Full system of rack components designed to integrate Hardcraft's modular aluminum elements into legacy welded steel racking.

Limited Depth & Swing-Out Racking

Comprehensive racking solutions for tight spaces and other challenging applications where standard racking simply won't fit.

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Modular, Preconfigured Kits Mean Straightforward, Rapid Install

In hundreds of substations, and in water utility control rooms, the Lucasey by Hardcraft rack system has replaced welded steel racks and hand-cut steel RU panels. Our fully modular aluminum solutions are provided as a preconfigured kit — either for field-install or for off-site assembly by your preferred subcontractor.

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Our Wireways Add Safety, Reduce Installation Complexity

Unique side and top wireways make wire management straightforward and enhance safety and reliability. When it comes time to check, troubleshoot, or expand the install, our wire management makes the process vastly easier and more reliable, reducing downtime.

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Switchgear Mounting Flexibility

Switchgear, including terminal blocks and cutout switches, can be conveniently side-mounted or rear-mounted on the rack when space constraints or safety concerns dictate an install location away from the front panel.

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