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Custom Design Work

With decades of experience working with power and water utilities, we understand the "why" behind your requirements and how to find solutions to your design challenges.

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Design For Manufacture

Let us help you remove cost from your design -- our engineers have years of experience creating and refining designs for ultimate manufacturability.

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ISO9001 Certified

Trust in Hardcraft to understand your traceability, process, and certification requirements. We'll meet your most demanding quality needs as well.

Premier Custom Design & ISO9001 Contract Fabrication Services
Experienced Design Engineers

Powerful Customization

We can adapt one of our existing products to your specifications, or create from scratch to solve your most pressing challenges.

Design for Manufacture

Even the most experienced OEMs and engineers often benefit from our DFM experience. We apply decades of experience to remove cost and complexity from parts, saving time and money.

Partner to Demanding OEMs

Hardcraft has been a trusted partner for decades to major defense, aerospace, medical, power & water utility, semiconductor, and other OEMs with critical part quality requirements.

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Experienced, Informed Engineering Support

Our engineering team has deep experience serving power and water utilities, as well as extensive experience with Design For Manufacturing (DFM) techniques. We understand the needs of power and water utilities and can rapidly create modifications to existing products, or clean sheet designs, depending on the customer requirement. We can also take on design refinement or redesign projects for a single product or an entire product suite to help reduce cost and production time. Bring us your toughest challenges and we will find solutions.

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ISO9001 Certified Contract Fabrication Services

For decades, Hardcraft has provided customers in the aerospace & defense, medical technology, semiconductor, automotive, and other sectors with premier contract fabrication services. In our ISO9001-certified contract fabrication business we offer all major production capabilities, including precision sheet metal fabrication, machining, precision weldments, finishing, and assembly.

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Extensive Fabrication Capability

Hardcraft produces parts no larger than a postage stamp through extremely large frames. We specialize in precision sheet metal products such as chassis and brackets, as well as large precision weldments such as those required for battery racks, mobile or remote control room structures, and structural elements for heavy industrial equipment. When you need a part fabricated, small to large, simple to complex, turn to Hardcraft for excellent customer support and the finest quality result.

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Why Hardcraft

We Hold Ourselves to the Highest Standard. Yours.

About Us

Hardcraft Industries designs, builds, and services only the highest-quality solutions for domestic and international customers spanning power and water utilities, airports, stadiums, hospitals, and hospitality chains. We also offer premium contract fabrication services to customers across the United States. All Hardcraft products are proudly Made in the USA. 

  • Premium Design

    Down to the last detail, we design the most thoughtful, efficient, and reliable products available.

  • Rock-Solid Builds

    Our skilled technicians average decades of experience in the highest-quality fabrication techniques.

  • Unrivaled Customer Service

    We've got your back. Every time.

  • Made in the USA

    Designed, built, finished, and assembled in California.

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