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Precision Enclosure Line

Hardcraft Brings Full Customization, Engineering Support, and Quick-Turn Delivery To An Unheard-Of Price Point in Indoor/Non-NEMA Solutions

Precision 24X24X14 Front Quarter Closed Pure White Color Test V4

Series Features

Maximum Size:

48" H x 48" W x 48" L

Standard Construction 5052 Aluminum Gage:


Pricing Starting At:


Configuration Options

  • Removable (Lift-Off) Double Door Design
  • Reversible (Left/Right) Door Swing
  • Backplate
    • Plywood Backplate
    • Custom Backplate in 5052 or Stainless 304
    • Custom Backplate Hardware Configuration
  • Wall-Mount Tabs
    • Standard
  • Pad-Mountable Attachment Points
  • Custom Knockouts
  • Tin-Plated Copper Buss Bar

Convenience Options

  • Door-Swing Stop/Hold Mechanism
  • LED Lighting

Finish Options

  • Mild Steel
  • Stainless Steel

Ventilation and Thermal Management

  • Louvers
  • Bug/Debris Screens
  • Splash-Proof Removable/Cleanable Vent Screens
  • Thermostat-Controlled Exhaust Fan

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