Hardcraft Doubles CNC Vertical Mill Capacity

In the first quarter of 2019, Hardcraft doubled our vertical milling capacity, extending our relationship with Gosiger and Bridgeport with the addition of several new high-speed vertical mills. With best-in-class rapid speeds and robust construction, the Bridgeport V-Series mills enable Hardcraft to produce critical parts to tighter tolerances and more rapidly than ever before.

"We remain 100% focused on exceeding customer expectations with our milling capability," commented Brandt Kwiram, Hardcraft's CEO. "These mills represent a further significant improvement in our capacity and capability."

Hardcraft's milling department comprises machines purchased new in 2018 and 2019 including a large-format Yama Seiki bridge mill and state of the art Okuma lathe. Hardcraft's 3-axis milling capability extends to X-axis travel of up to 83", Y-axis travel up to 63", and Z-axis travel up to 30".

For more information on Hardcraft's extensive CNC three and four-axis milling capabilities and advanced turning capabilities, please contact sales@hardcraft.com

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