Peninsula Metal Fabrication is now part of the Hardcraft family

At Hardcraft, we exist for a simple reason – to provide you with a top-quality product, at a fair price, delivered on-time.

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About Hardcraft

Hardcraft Industries operates two divisions: Hardcraft Precision (PMF) and Hardcraft Systems (Lucasey Manufacturing®).

PMF by Hardcraft Precision provides to customers throughout the western United States:

  • Premium precision sheet metal fabrication
  • Complex weldments
  • Large framebuilding services
  • Finishing and assembly services
  • PMF by Hardcraft Precision is ISO 9001:2008 registered.

Lucasey® by Hardcraft Systems designs and manufactures:

  • Relay and switchgear seismic racking, NEMA enclosures (including SCADA and CCVT enclosures), battery racks, and related items for the electric and water utility industries. Lucasey® by Hardcraft Systems is a long-standing vendor to PG&E.
  • Baggage handling tables and accessories for the airport, border control, and cruise ship industries. Lucasey® by Hardcraft Systems tables are TSA approved.
  • Monitor mounts and related A/V accessories for healthcare, hospitality, stadium, airport, and other commercial markets. Lucasey® by Hardcraft Systems mounts are OSHPD approved.
  • Lucasey by Hardcraft Systems offers customization and ground-up design services in our end markets. Contact us with your challenges – we will meet them.
  • Lucasey® by Hardcraft Systems products are completely designed and manufactured in the USA.

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