Hardcraft Precision is a premier midsize fabricator offering comprehensive ISO9001:2015 and ITAR-registered contract fabrication services.

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Why your sheet metal shop should also be an advanced CNC machine shop

As sheet metal assemblies become more complex and demand greater fabrication capability, CNC machining often is essential to achieve required tolerances. With advanced 3, 4, and 5-axis machining resources including very large work envelopes, Hardcraft can perform operations in-house that other sheet metal vendors typically subcontract at additional time and cost. Turn to Hardcraft for short lead times and most competitive pricing.

Advanced Equipment

Hardcraft maintains an aggressive investment program to ensure we have state of the art equipment. Most of our production machines have been acquired new in the last five years.

Broad Capability

We do more under one roof, saving time and money. Hardcraft’s CNC machining capabilities are beyond those of most standalone machine shops. Our paint pretreatment capabilities are more advanced than most standalone paint shops.


ISO9001:2015 registered. Full QC inspection department including CMM. Quality culture promoted throughout the company.

Superior Service

We pick up the phone. We answer emails. And if we ever get a part wrong - we will make it right. That’s our promise to our customers.

Our Capabilities

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Multi-Axis CNC Machining

Hardcraft’s advanced CNC milling and turning capabilities include one of the largest high-speed 5-axis gantry work envelopes in Northern California. When you need large to very large 5-axis or high-throughput 4-axis CNC machined parts in San Jose, Northern California, and beyond, Hardcraft offers unmatched capability.

  • 5-Axis: Zimmermann FZ30 25k RPM gantry mill, 157” x 132” x 49” X/Y/Z, full simultaneous 5-axis contouring capability
  • 4-Axis: Okuma MA600-HIII 12k RPM horizontal mill with 6-pallet pool, 41” x 35” X/Y
  • 3-Axis: Yama Seiki VP2012 10k RPM bridge mill, 79” x 47” X/Y
  • 3-Axis: Bridgeport V1000 15k RPM mills, 40” x 24” X/Y
  • Turning: Okuma LB3000-EXII lathe with Y-axis, subspindle, live tooling, bar feeder
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Advanced Sheet Metal

Hardcraft offers a full range of modern sheet metal fabrication, finishing, and assembly capabilities.

  • Bystronic 6kW fiber laser with autoloader, 5’ x 10’ sheet capacity, cutting steels and aluminum up to 1” thick
  • Amada Vipros 3610 33-ton turret with shelf autoloader system, 5’ x 10’ sheet capacity
  • Virtek laser inspection system
  • Weber graining and edge-rounding system, 54” passthrough
  • Four Amada & Bystronic CNC press brakes, up to 10’ and 165 ton capacity
  • Six welding stations, full MIG and TIG capability, certified welders
  • ABB robotic welding cell, dual robotic arms, dual head/tailstock positioners, SKS Micromig welding supplies
  • Media blasting and nanoceramic paint pretreatment
  • Large powder booths with filtered doors
  • Full Quality inspection department with CMM

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Welded Frames

Welded frames are a Hardcraft Precision specialty. We have built hundreds of precision frames for a wide range of applications. With our very large 5-axis CNC milling envelope, we can machine frame surfaces to extremely tight tolerances, at lower cost than other framebuilders lacking in-house machining capability.

  • Semiconductor equipment frames
  • Medical equipment frames and robot chassis
  • Power utility battery racks
  • Tight tolerances, certified MIG and TIG welders
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Complex Enclosures

With extensive experience building large and complex outdoor electrical enclosures for power utilities, Hardcraft has the know-how and equipment to fabricate and assemble high-quality enclosures for indoor and outdoor applications, including basic wiring and component assembly.

  • NEMA 3 and NEMA 4 enclosures
  • NEMA-rated climate control system integration
  • Nanoceramic pretreatment for optimal paint adhesion
  • Experience obtaining UL listing for electrical enclosures
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Industries Served


We’ve made parts that have flown on rockets. Let us take your parts to the next level as well.


From tight-tolerance brackets to advanced machined components, we make parts that fly on combat aircraft

Electric Vehicles

Wide range of sheet metal vehicle chassis brackets and weldments. Equipment & fixtures for service operations.

Pro Audio

Structural weldments for speaker rigging. Electronics chassis. Equipment mounting brackets. Machined speaker components.


Welded and machined surgical robot chassis, welded medical equipment frames, complex machined parts.

Semiconductor & Electronics

From electronics chassis with intricate hardware requirements to semiconductor equipment frames, we do it all.

Case Study

A longtime client’s weldment product line required a standard 40" x 20" machining envelope — but when they launched important new products, the required machining capability was in the 50” x 40” range. Hardcraft invested in a new bridge mill to support the product launch and maintain our ability to produce the parts completely in-house. The new parts also required precisely bending quarter-inch high-strength steel in sections several feet long — a capability we already had available.

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