The Hardcraft Advantage – Baggage Inspection

For decades, Hardcraft baggage inspection solutions have been trusted by the world's premier airports for critical baggage inspection applications. Fully compliant with TSA Planning Guidelines and Design Standards (PGDS), we offer the gold standard suite of baggage inspection solutions for use in airport, cruise ship, and border crossing applications, comprising standard and sliding-top tables, kneewalls, monitor and equipment mounts, and specialty items. No matter how complex your install, we proudly provide a complete and fully integrated workflow solution.

Best in Class Ergonomics

Our baggage inspection solutions are designed from the ground up to minimize operator repetitive stress and to promote proper ergonomic form. Minimizing pinch points and other potential points of operator injury is similarly at the forefront of our design process. Finally, we build in protection from common forms of rough handling. The resulting workflow solution is without peer in the industry for its thorough attention to detail and focus on the operator's well-being.

Maximum Configurability

With decades of experience in baggage inspection solutions, and with an extensive product line including tables, knee walls, monitor and equipment mounts, and accessories, we can quickly provide a fully integrated design to solve the toughest layout and configuration challenges. Custom designs are provided as required.

Ultimate Ease of Use

Our baggage workflow solutions are easy to install. They're also easy to use thanks to heavy-duty damping mechanisms, intuitive controls, and fully integrated monitor and equipment mounts that are designed from the outset to work together with our tables and knee walls.

Extreme Durability

Minimize your line downtime with our workflows. Top-quality design, materials, and hardware combine to provide baggage inspection solutions that withstand heavy use, year after year. The damping mechanisms on our sliding top table typically last years before requiring minor maintenance.

10 Year Warranty

Our customers have reported nearly zero field failures-ever. We have the utmost confidence in the rugged durability of our baggage inspection solutions, and back that up with a full 10-year warranty. In the unlikely event of a problem, we'll provide seamless support. No questions asked.

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