The Hardcraft Advantage - Seismic Relay Racks

The Hardcraft seismic relay rack system offers revolutionary advantages to power and water utilities facing aging infrastructure in need of an upgrade, as well as time and cost pressures.

Modular, Preconfigured Kits Mean Rapid Install

In hundreds of stations and substations, and in water utility control rooms, the Lucasey by Hardcraft rack system has replaced welded steel racks and hand-cut steel RU panels. Our fully modular aluminum solutions are provided as a preconfigured kit, including RU panels precut precisely for the relays and switchgear installed in each specific rack location -- dramatically reducing installation time. Major subcontractors can also provide the rack system fully populated with switchgear and ready for drop-in installation.

Our Wireways Add Safety, Reduce Installation Complexity

Unique side and top wireways make wire management straightforward, reducing time spent field-dressing wiring, and enhancing safety and reliability. When it comes time to expand or repair the install, our weld-free system makes it easy to replace individual parts, add racks, or convert a simplex setup into duplex. Our all-aluminum construction provides hassle-free field modifications when required. No need to hand-cut steel in the field.

Numerous Switchgear Mounting Options

Switchgear (including terminal blocks and cutout switches) can be conveniently side-mounted or rear-mounted on the rack when space constraints or safety concerns dictate an install location away from the front panel.

Extensively Tested In The Real World

Exhaustively deployed and tested across coastal, alpine, and desert environments, our groundbreaking rack system has been thoroughly tested for seismic performance and is relied on by the country's largest power utility to modernize their stations. Contact us to discover the impact on cost, safety, and reliability our system can have in your utility.

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